Africa Renewable Energy – The Next frontier For Change

May 30, 2021 , Renewable Energy

The Africa Renewable Energy Expo is taking place in Cairns this week. It is a one day event featuring experts from around the world who are coming to Cairns to share their knowledge and speak at a fringe benefit seminar. Most people in the industry will not be able to attend this event but if you have a business that needs to be out there networking with like-minded people and companies you can do so by attending one of the many Global Conferences on Energy. It will ensure you that your business remains at the forefront of industry thinking and acting upon new ways of going green. At this meeting you will be amongst the best minds in the industry and have the chance to share ideas with other business people looking to develop new ways of utilizing alternative energy. Think of what new products and services you could offer if you did not use fossil fuels such as petrol and natural gas.

The concept of Africa Renewable Energy is not new. For decades Africa has been using alternative fuel technology to provide its citizens with power. Wind, solar, geothermal, wave and hydro power are some of the most prominent sources of renewable energy in Africa. Alternative energies are becoming more important as fossil fuels begin to dwindle.

Africa is an ideal location for renewable energy because it is rich in wind. With an average wind speed of ten miles per hour, Africa is well placed for the development of wind turbines. Many wealthy people in Africa are attracted to Africa for the investment opportunities that accompany wind generated power. Wind farms are now being developed and people are investing in Africa by purchasing property and building the farms. These farms are not far away from the populated areas and can be connected to existing electricity grids.

Africa is also ideal for solar energy, another popular option for people who want to go green. Africa has many large concentrations of sunlight, this means that solar panels can be used anywhere there is direct sunlight. Africa has the highest population density of any country in the world, making it the perfect place to generate renewable energy for the entire continent. It is not feasible for Africa to supply most of its own energy needs, but it can certainly help to reduce the impact it has on the environment.

Africa is now diversifying into renewable energy sectors. Geothermal energy will play a huge role in future developments in Africa. The availability of geothermal resources in the area has led to a boom in the mining industry. This has created employment and generated more income for the people living in the rural areas. Many people have begun to explore the benefits that geothermal energy can bring to their lives and to the environment.

One challenge Africa is going to face is the political will needed to transform the way people consume energy. Africa does not have the same political will as Europe or Asia to take a serious approach to renewable energy. Africa needs to look to other places for leadership. Many governments around the world have looked to Africa to develop its own renewable energy sector and Africa is beginning to respond. Africa needs to develop a long term strategy for investing in renewable energy and the people of Africa need to realize that the time is now to focus on this task.