Africa Renewable Energy Expo – Best Destination to Learn and Explore the Resources of Africa

October 26, 2021 , Renewable Energy


Africa Renewable Energy Expo is an annual premier energy trade show which focuses on all the regions of specialty in this green technology and green energy industries. It is organized by Africa Renewable Energy Ltd., a company which specializes in the production and importation of wind energy. In the first few years, it gradually grew and gained more popularity in Europe and America. The main theme of this trade show is for businesses and consumers to be familiar with the different renewable technologies and green energy technologies available, and then decide what they want to buy or invest in. However, even before the show was started, there were already numerous investments into this industry, from both local and international firms. These companies like Enron, Schlumberger, Pernavon, biomass, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have already expanded their Africa investments and activities.

Another highlight of this Africa Renewable Energy Expo is the Africa Mining Industry Investment (AMAIF) Fair. This fair is for the people in the mining sector – the people who work in the lap of gold and search for the precious stones. There are many miners out there who are looking for new places to extract heavy minerals from. Some of these areas include Egypt, Mexico, Australia, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo. One can actually travel around the event, visit different booths, listen to speeches and also take part in hands-on activities.

Africa Renewable Energy Expo also features other industries like clean energy, biosphere engineering, geothermal, marine technology, solar energy and hydropower. You can also attend the interactive exhibits like the Biosphere Engineering Zone, where you can watch a video demonstration of the ways in which renewable energy can be harnessed. The fair is also full of interactive workshops, seminars, demonstrations and events. Some of the topics may include how to build solar panels, build windmills, how to convert waste into renewable forms of energy, how to increase the production and use of bio degradable resources, how to create a micro hydropower generator and more.