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25th - 27th November 2019, Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya


As investors and world leaders seek a new clean energy frontier, renewable energy development presents lots of opportunities to leverage on. The abundance of hydropower, geothermal, biofuel, solar, biomass etc. makes Africa a gold mine for renewable energy. An emerging concern for carbon emissions and sustainable development has created an opportunity for renewable energy in Africa. Recognizing the opportunity, renewable energy agendas, strategic investments and partnerships will be key to realizing the potential of the renewable energy sector in Africa.

With this in mind Fuhren global presents an exciting business opportunity, a trailblazing event, it is a platform to showcase technologies, equipment’s, products and services for the renewable energy sector in Africa; an effective commercial hub for B2B and B2C looking to invest/expand their business into Africa as well as opportunities to connect and network. We call upon manufacturers, distributors, researchers, contractors, operators and other stakeholders to join us as we uncover opportunities in the renewable energy market in Africa, the continent where great potential lies untapped.

Sectors to EXhibit

  • solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Bio energy
  • energy storage
  • Geo-thermal energy

The African Energy mix

Africa is an energy-poor continent. Most people in Sub-Saharan Africa face severe energy poverty, and the low availability of energy services hampers economic development. Renewable energy is thus the linking factor to electricity for those who can’t access it from the national grid.

Other(Nuclear, Hydro, Renewable)

Who are the Organizers?

Fuhren Global Investments is an incorporation with a well thought out strategy of sector focused investments in line with the sustainable development goals and Africa’s agenda 2063. The firm is always on the lookout for opportunities where capital, experience and insight can be leveraged to realize the potential of businesses thereby generating superior returns for clientele both corporate and sovereign whose funds and investment are committed to Fuhren global. Their strategic focus sectors include are but not limited to of energy, real estate, agriculture and healthcare.

Organizer's website: www.fuhrenglobal.com

Why Africa?

India’s Renewable Energy Capacity is set to have been increasing by sizable investments across the four sectors of wind, solar, bio and geothermal.

With more than 620 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa without access to reliable electricity, Africa faces an enormous energy challenge that requires a firm commitment to the accelerated use of modern renewable energy sources and to developing energy infrastructures which presently use legacy fossil fuel systems.

African Union is pushing for a continuous increase in the renewable sector to reduce the burden on the national grid.

Africa 2030, part of IRENA’s global REmap 2030 analysis, identifies modern renewable technology options spanning different sectors and countries. Collectively, these “REmap Options” could supply 22% of Africa’s total final energy consumption by 2030, compared to 5% in 2013.

Electricity demand in Africa is projected to triple by 2030, offering huge potential for renewable energy deployment. The power sector requires investments of US$ 70 billion per year on average between now and 2030. This can be split into about US$ 45 billion per year for generation capacity and US$ 25 billion for transmission and distribution. Renewables could account for two thirds of the total investments in generation capacity, or up to US$ 32 billion per year. Realising this opportunity will create significant business activity in Africa.

Renewable energy is growing rapidly around the world, driven by economics, environmental concerns and the need for energy security. The use of modern renewable energy technologies is also on the rise across Africa, where countries are uniquely positioned to leapfrog the traditional centralised energy supply model.

The costs of renewable technologies are decreasing rapidly; recent project deals for renewables in Africa have been among the most competitive in the world.

While the resource base varies, all African countries possess significant renewable energy potential. The continent’s biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind energy resources are among the best in the world. Clear policy signals and an enabling framework can produce accelerated renewable energy deployment.

Africa is an energy-poor continent. Most people in Sub-Saharan Africa face severe energy poverty, and the low availability of energy services hampers economic development. Renewable energy is thus the linking factor to electricity for those who can’t access it from the national grid.

Reason to Exhibit

Get a chance of meeting the potential partners in the African virgin renewable energy market and discuss possibilities of exploiting the market together.

Get the chance to meet and shake hands with industry experts and influential decision makers

By participating as an exhibitor you will have the opportunity to address an audience of industry professionals and scientists, dealing directly with individuals which can help elevate your organization to new heights and make an impact on future markets in these complex economical times.

Showcase your products, brand and activities in an exciting setting focused on the latest innovations and market trends

Exploit a great marketing tool and our promotional solutions to create interest and business opportunities before, during and after the event

Make new contacts whilst updating and developing existing relationships face to face with your clients and partners

Why Visit?

Find out about current and future solar projects in the continent, the latest market trends and policies and regulations set out by government authorities, to become part of Africa’s future solar projects and programmes.

Exchange ground-breaking ideas & technologies on an international platform.

Stay informed about the latest technological innovations in renewable energy sector.

Meet the decision makers who are shaping the renewable energy market.

Gain profound insights into current global trends in the renewable energy industry.

Strategically position your brand as a key player in the fast-developing solar energy industry and reinforce your brand to a highly targeted audience to meet senior-level decision makers.

Attend interactive workshops and seminars at the exhibition.

Benefit from a global network – meet globally renowned industry experts.

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